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Proper garbage disposal machines are essential for your drains. If the garbage disposal is not working, the food material and various things that you usually throw down the drain will get clogged in the drain and smell.
Proper garbage disposal will completely mesh the waste and make it drain down the sink easily. No one wants to put their hand in the sink to retrieve all the food and other kinds of mess. It is not sanitary and horrendous. However, if your garbage disposal is not working right, that is exactly what you have to do to prevent clogged or food material in the drain. If the food material and solid waste in your kitchen sink don’t drain properly, it will rot and give out an unbearable foul smell. It will also give rise to pests in your kitchen.
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Good thing is, we provide garbage disposal replacement and cleaning. At Gastonia Plumbing we have years of experience in garbage disposal repair. We have worked with thousands of households in the last few years, repairing all kinds of issues of their garbage disposal for them.

When you call us we will only send our specialists for the job. No need to buy new garbage disposal without getting it checked first. When you can save money in keeping the prevent garbage disposal, why buy a few? We highly suggest DIY repairs. You might end up damaging your garbage disposal. Do not open it on yourself, let an expert get a look at it. Our affordable services will not be heavy on your pocket. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and proper draining of your solid food waste in the kitchen sink.

Issues We Solve For Your Garbage Disposal Include:

Garbage disposal won’t turn on- this can happen when the wirings or mechanical marks are somehow not right. If electricity is not reaching the motor, it won’t turn on. If something is yuck and the mechanical parts are jammed the motor won’t rotate. Our team will open the garbage disposal and take a look at it while cleaning it at the same time.

Garbage disposal isn’t doing its job right- if your garbage disposal isn’t shredding the food as it should, and the big food pieces are getting drained down the pipe, you will face issues. You will have clogged drains in a few days. Give us a call. We will see what is causing the disposal machine not to work right.

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If your garbage disposal is spreading water everywhere- Garbage disposal leaks when the parts are not watertight. If that is the case, our experts will take a look at the parts and check them for leaks. We will fix the leakage with appropriate methods so the leaks don’t come back.

Garbage Disposal smells usually bad- Sometimes garbage disposal does smell bad if you get up close and personal with it. However, it won’t permeate foul smell. If you notice a bad smell coming from the garbage disposal, there is something more going on. We will check your garbage disposal for stuck food, leaking food material in the parts that can rot and smell at a later time.


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