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Every house faces plumbing issues, when you need plumbing repair for your house, let us know.
At Gastonia Plumbing we provide all kinds of plumbing repairs for commercial and residential properties. Our plumbing team has 30 years of plumbing repair experience to give you the best possible services at affordable rates. Whether it’s your sewer system or the fixtures in your bathroom, we are good at both.

Replacing Old Plumbing


If you have old pipes in your house or workplace, they are a hazard. Such pipes tend to leak more and are more likely to bust open and flood your bathroom. We will remove the old pipes, making sure no harm to your property is done. Even if we have to remove the drywall, floor material, we will fix it right back after the new improved pipes are installed.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drains can be clogged from oil, soap, hair, and the small item getting stuck inside it. If that is the case with your drain, call us. We have snake crawlers that can invade the narrow space of the pipes and clear out any obstruction inside it. Your drains need to clean for the water to drain out properly and avoid foul odor from the drain.

The Slow Flow Of Water

If there is not enough water in your heating system or there is a clog in the water pipes, it can slow down the flow of water. Let our expert check the pipes. Rusted pipes might be leaking from places without your knowledge that can also slow down the flow. If you notice off-colored water or foul-smelling water, know there is something wrong with the pipes. Call us immediately to solve the issue.

Plumbing Installation

Whether it is installing a new faucet, bathtub, or toilet, we are capable of doing it all. We provide high-quality fixtures with a warranty. When you hire us, we will get you the best fixture at an affordable price without much fuss. Our professions have years of experience in the installation of plumbing components. You can trust us to give you the best quality that is there.

Toilet Clogs And Repairs

If your sewer system has issues, you might notice your toilet not draining out properly. We will use appropriate methods to clean the toilet, remove clogs, and make sure the toilet drains well in the future. With a professional’s help, you don’t have to worry about toilet mess.

Water Heater

We will install, repair, and maintain your water heater at an affordable price. If your water heater is not heating up like the way it should, not giving adequate water or leaking in the basement, call our water heater expert. They will come and give an inspection to find out what is causing the issue and solve it.

Emergency Plumbing

If you have an overflowing toilet, a busted pipe, or some other kind of plumbing issue that needs immediate help, let us know. We will send out a team as soon as possible to fix the problem immediately.

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