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We provide excellent sewer service for the people and companies of Gastonia. Your sewer lines play a very important role in cleaning out wastewater from your property. If you want proper sewage drainage, you need to make sure your sewage lines are working properly. If there are any issues with your sewage lines, give us a call and we will come to your rescue as soon as possible.
At Gastonia Plumbing we have been providing high-quality services for commercial and residential properties. Our unmatchable prices make us one of the most sighted after sewer repair companies. We are committed to providing complete repair no matter the issue is with your sewer system. Our team is trained and licensed to service all kinds of sewer issues for commercial and residential properties.
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If your toilet is draining slowly, you notice a bad smell from the property where the sewer line is su[posed to be and an overgrowth of vegetation around the sewer line lines, it may be an indication of some issue. Many times the sewer line pipes tend to get clogged or leak. In such cases, there is not much you can do except calling a sewer line expert. Leaks may happen from tree roots gripping the sewer pipes and crushing it. It can happen from rusted and cracked sewer pipes. Cloggs can happen from something getting stuck in the pipe. Sewer line clogged removal and cleaning should only be done by licensed professionals. Any misdoing can lead to a mess that is a nightmare to clean.

We will provide a complete sewer line inspection if you are not sure what kind of issue the sewer line has. In residential homes, cast iron piping is no longer used (for the most part) because it is known over time to rust, crack, and leak. In your cast iron piping, you might have a leak and not even know it! This is the same dilemma all of our customers have had. The sewage does not enter its correct destination with a broken cast iron drain and remains under your home instead. With our high-resolution video cameras produced especially for plumbing inspections, have our professionally-trained and certified inspectors inspect your plumbing system for leaks.

We use flexible and movable sewer line cameras. These snake line cameras can enter the sewer pipes and locate any clogs in the pipes. This is a much safer way of inspecting the sewer line than physically going inside. We have all the technology and tools to carry out the inspection with efficiency. You can be certain you are getting the best service from us when you hire us.


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We have high powered jet sprays to cleans any build up in the sewer line without manually scrubbing it. At some level, all homeowners experience sluggish or clogged sewers and drain. In drains and toilets, materials sometimes get stuck, while grease, minerals, and other debris can build up over time in your pipes. There are a variety of approaches that can be used to solve the problem when it comes to sluggish or clogged tracks, but nothing compares to hydro jetting. Give us a call today.


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