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Water heaters are essential if you want a constant flow of heated water in your house. You won’t be able to function without proper heating in your house and all the components of your water heater are essential for proper water heating.
At Gastonia Plumbing we will repair, install, maintain, and replace water heating units in residential and commercial properties. We are a licensed and insured company working with some of the best plumbing experts in town. When you hire us you get the best possible service at an affordable price.
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We have years of experience in fixing all kinds of issues with your water heater. No matter the issue we have a solution for it. We also have high quality, warranted spare parts. In the case of a new installation and replacement, we also have some of the best water heating units with us. We will get you a good quality water eater at affordable prices and a warranty with our personal guarantee when you buy a water heater from us.

The first thing you want to do if your water heater isn’t working at all is to ensure that your pilot light is on. If it’s off, simply turn it on. It suggested a greater issue if the pilot light is working and you do not get hot water, and you can contact us at a reasonable price for instant help and same-day water heater service.

There are several components to your water heater such as a thermostat, pilot light, heating elements, pipes, sensors, etc. If any of the components stop working all of the water heaters will be damaged. The good thing is we repair all kinds of damages. If your water heater is making noises while operating, we will clean the insides of any residences and mineral build-up that may be the cause of the noise.

If your water heater is old, leaking from multiple places and making a mess in your basement, replace it. Our team will replace the boiler and install a new one in its place. We can also replace and fix old pipes that might be leaking in your water heater. For the electric water heater, our plumbers can also check the electric parts, to ensure the heating is done correctly and water is heating up adequately. Your water heater is now rusting and corroding away, Rusty colored water tells you. Your anode rod needs to be replaced. An anode rod helps to avoid the accumulation of rust in your tank, or you can need a substitute for a water heater. A sediment build-up can be present in your tank. Drain your water pump, clean it out and refill it to fix this. You may need a new thermostat or heating element if you find no sediment.

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