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Well pumps are used because they are capable of delivering water from any depth and are considered very reliable. Below the pumping water stage, the electric motor and pump assembly are mounted, which means that a special well house or frost proofing is not required.
The multistage centrifugal type is the most common submersible pump, but in recent years, in cases where the well produces methane gas or sand, the helical-rotor type has been preferred. There are other types of well pumps as well, and we repair all kinds of well pumps.
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A lot can go wrong with well plump, particularly if you rely on an old, poorly maintained, or defective pump system since it is the most abundant material on earth. What happens if you run out of the water all of a sudden (particularly when you have a head full of shampoo)? Is your pressure on the water extremely low? Are you faced with polluted water or other problems?

You need support from professionals and you need it quickly. Often when a well emergency is showing up, there is no telling, but if you call us, you can be assured you are getting quick and immediate help at affordable prices. At Gastonia Plumbing We specialize in all things well, if you need any regular maintenance or urgent support, to keep you living well.

In order to repair their well, many people pursue a DIY strategy, and that’s equal to signing up for disaster. Trained practitioners have the tools, skills, and experience to best treat, fix, and preserve their well-being.

However, most individuals seek to find out what’s wrong before tapping into their inner handyman. The brief answer? Just about everything, it might be.

An electrical problem, a blocked filter, or a broken wire pump may be a lack of water, and this is only the beginning of the possibilities. If you bring other possible issues into the mix, the list continues to expand.

You need a contractor who is licensed in with a contracting license, along with all the requisite credentials and insurance, if you need good repair or emergency service. The deal is sealed by some stellar references and testimonies. Don’t worry no matter what. The specialists are only a phone call away.

Our team brings a full line of best quality pumps from reliable manufacturers if you need a new well pump. To decide which brand and size is the best choice for your particular needs, they will work with you. These constant pressure pumps provide you right from your taps with the ease of good quality water pressure.

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A large storage tank is used by some well water systems to store the water until it is pumped to the house again. In order to provide water pressure, other well water systems are gravity fed and use gravity. For the control of an acceptable range of operating pressures, the pressure tanks have a limited amount of accumulated water. We repair both kinds without issue. We will clean and replace old storage tanks if needed. We will remove blockages and inspect any issues that your existing tank may have.


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